Areas of Interest: 

Design-Build; Sewage Collection, Treatment and Disposal; Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution; Industrial Waste Treatment; Traffic and Transportation Engineering; Highways, Streets, Airfield Paving, Parking Lots; Bridges; Storm Water; Dams, Dikes, Levees; Planning (Community, Regional, and State); Planning (Site, Installation and Project); Lighting (Exteriors, Streets, Memorials, Athletic Fields, etc.);  Standards, Community Facilities; Construction Management; Cost Estimating, Cost Engineering and Analysis; Environmental Impact Studies, Assessments or Statements; Environmental Testing and Analysis; Electrical Impact Studies; Environmental Testing and Analysis; Electrical Studies and Design; Testing and Inspection Services; Surveying, Platting, Mapping, Flood Pain Studies; Topographic Surveying and Mapping; Land Surveying; Geographic Information System Services; Construction Surveying.


Gregory A. Gearhart; Bill Owen; Mike McKenzie; Josh Broome