Executive Director Announces Retirement after 23+ Years


In September 1967, twelve firms gathered and saw a need for an organization to represent their business interests. 

In 1969, Hayden Kaiser, Jr., Brax Batson and Leland Cook signed the original Charter.  Leland Cook of Cook Coggin was President.  Thus was the formation of the Consulting Engineers Council.  I am so pleased that Hayden Kaiser, Jr. is still active in the council.

In November 1994, I was hired as Executive Director at 20 hours a week.  The previous Executive Director, Howard Lett, had died of a heart attack.  Therefore, there was no formal “training”.  However, my previous experience with the Hotel and Motel Association helped, as did my experience as an Alderman in Brandon.  We had 54 member firms, 35 of which were in it for the insurance.  We now have 100 (+/-) member firms.

Our Mission Statement:  “To be recognized by our profession and the public as the primary voice of the engineering profession” is being fulfilled on a daily basis.  We truly are the “go-to” organization for our firms serving as a clearing house of information for the firms and the public.  We are also well known for our legislative advocacy, at the State and National level.

I appreciate ACEC’s great leadership, our past Chairmen of committees and the ones that volunteer their time to make us the “primary voice of the engineering profession”.

The past 23 years have been a joy and challenge at the same time.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the job.  In fact, I have gotten to know all of you, and you have become my “ACEC family” and I will truly miss that.

My retirement date is the end of February 2018.  Last day to work is January 31, 2018, thus giving me an opportunity to work with the new Executive.  The ACEC Board has formed a search committee.  My last official meeting will be the November 2/3.  Hopefully, we will have a good attendance.

Jessica Gosa has been with us for three years and I am pleased to announce she has been promoted to Office Manager.

I trust you will continue to support ACEC-MS and that you will consider giving of your time to volunteer.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization.

Judy Adams, Executive Director

     ACEC/MS, 1994-2018